Our Team

Our Team

RetailME with its expansion of business has decentralized operations, sales, accounting, marketing, human resources, protocol, services to senior and high-level managers to look after critical areas and allowing the hierarchy to concentrate on strategy, planning, innovation and real-time critical decision-making challenges. We deeply believe in developing team strengths, entrepreneurial skills and ability to take decisions in critical circumstances to the benefit of the organization. The team composes of:

Managing Director

He adds the value to RetailMe strategic goals by constantly remaining in touch with the senior members and placing his weight to see the rising graph of the company performance. With his expertise and skills, he holds the team together and defines a policy line that ensures the continuity of progress, improvement of product lines, company operation, cliental interest and success of the brands.

Chief Executive Office

Along with strong leadership, he determines RetailMe’s strategy in short, mid and long term perspectives. He steers the senior team through the strategic planning process, innovations, resources allocation, industry challenges, welfare of staff and conferring the decisions on future market condition that would sustain the company and benefit the client group.

Chief Operating Officer

He handles the company’s complex operational details closely working with the CEO to reflect on the strategic imperatives. He ensures the business can deliver as assessed on the needs and closely monitor through his teams and the systems in place, to track the measurements of deliverables and actions required effectively for the success of the business.

Director Finance

 He supports the team by predicting the financial resources and maintaining a transparent system of accountability. The RetailMe yearly budget and resource allocations are reflective of the yearly planning process and strategies embedded to translate this into operational level.

Director Planning and Market Promotion

He works closely with middle managers and other team members to reinforce marketing expertise to encompass planning to marketing and sales strategies. He would be directly involved in the implementation process as he is aware of the industry, positioning products, differentiation of the items from the competitors’ products, enlist distributors, and make sure customers learn to value RetailMe products.

Director Trade and Business Development

He impacts business and trade development of RetailMe products seeking continuous diversification and new markets. Working in close liaison with Director PMP, a closer insight is focused on technology trends and innovation to bring best match for the customers and clients. He is the chief architect to integrate those trends into RetailMe’s strategy, network, and oversees the company keeps current with such inventory and technology.

Director Innovation and Production

He brings not only strong production development skills but also their process capabilities including innovation is design technology, modeling, and computer testing, and manufactured finished products. He should remain current with industrial and mechanical engineers to identify challenges and gaps in the transitioning of newly evolved products for the fast-paced market.

Director Business Management 

He manages the whole fleet of personnel in RetailME safeguarding their rights, interest, team goals, career enhancement and benefits. He comes with deep and rich knowledge of the local regulations, environment, challenges, marketplace and a customer centricity passion, thus, understanding the end user’s needs. He works in close coordination to other Directors to deliver the transformations both to the RetailMe staffs and customers he works with and essentially focused towards driving growth, sustainability and market share.