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Retail Middle East Trading LLC



Our vision is to promote high quality and competitive services to our clients transparently. We believe in bringing advanced technology through supply and services on a platform that enable customers to avail variety of our products to best of their satisfactions.

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Our mission is to put integrity and services at the forefront of our business. We bring commitments with market understanding and innovation to deliver multi asset travel industry and digital solutions as a well-placed premier trading company in the UK Middle East and globally.

Retail Middle East LLC is located in Dubai, UAE. It is a technology driven diversified trading and export oriented company that offers a wide range of products and services in the industrial, commercial and consumer markets. We use our process management, network power and industrial automation to bring solutions to our clients and customers regionally and globally. We are widely recognized for our capabilities and management excellence combined with unparalleled experience and skills across all business functions.


  1. To give our customers best products in reasonable price with customized solution.
  2. To conduct our business transparently with integrity.
  3. To believe in teamwork and accumulative success.
  4. To trust in the ability of our team in their entrepreneurial, innovative and accountable skills.
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  1. Provide maximum information on the products to choose best deals of the industry for the consumers and stakeholders.
  2. Seek technological innovation, with reinforced technical standards, and advancing measurements.
  3. Promote social as well corporate responsibilities to encourage environmental stewardship.

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