IT Solutions

IT Solutions: Top of range all WiFi IT gadgets  and Android phones.

We provide turnkey IT Solutions, including:
  • Consultancy 
  • Analyses – Requirement and System Analysis
  • Software and Application Development – Web, Mobile App, Customized and and off-the-shelf
  • Data solutions
  • Multimedia solutions
  • Network design and implementation
  • Enterprise hardware support
  • Server maintenance and configurations

Some of our Off-the-Shelf products

All of the following are browser based enterprise applications. Live demonstration access can be provided upon request

Hospital Management ERP System with Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

HEAL – Complete Hospital Management System (Paperless ERP)

Major Modules:

  • OPD Management with online appointments
    • Patient Management with Digital ID Cards and online records
    • Doctor’s Management with remote access and control panel
    • EMR – Electronic Medical Records with CDSS
    • Pharmacy Management
    • Pathology & Laboratory Management
    • OPD & Emergency Services, Billing & Invoicing System
    • IPD Management with Services, Billing & Invoicing System
    • Accommodations, Booking and Transfer System
    • Nursing Modules
    • Accounts & Inventory System

Point of Sales (POS) System

Browser based point of sales with complete inventory management system

  • Procurement Management
  • Supplier Integration with Payment Tracking
  • Stock Control
  • Custom Item and Category Management
  • Barcode generate option
  • Point of Sales System
  • Due, Cash, Card Sales
  • Customer Management with payment and sales tracking

HR & Payroll Management System

  • HR Database
  • Basic Salary and Wages integration
  • Custom Earning & Deduction Head (Flat and Percentage)
  • Attendance Management with Over-Time calculation
  • Shift Management with Attendance Integration
  • Attendance integration with Bio-Metric / Proximity devices
  • Leave Management
  • Transfer, Promotion & Separation Management

Production Management System

Integrated raw materials inventory, production (factory floor) inventory, showroom modules (stock, inventory, sales system), & delivery module

Major Modules:

  • Raw Materials Inventory & Procurement System
  • Order Management System with tracking
  • Raw Materials Mapping with Finished Goods (Cost Analysis Module)
  • Smart Requisition System
  • Finished Goods / Showroom Inventory
  • Internal and External Distribution Management System (Independent and Integrated)
  • Customer & Supplier Management
  • Customer Payment and Order Status Tracking
  • Order based tracking of production stage